Sunday, July 3, 2011

teachable moments- bullying on the brain

Today's lesson for our kids in sunday school was "Jesus teaches us to pray for the difficult people"- It was all about responding (by praying and loving) to people who stress your out, or are rude to you.  Those people who are difficult to get along with. 

We were going through our 'Jesus" answers (me and my 4th grade class)- but it all seemed so vague- so we went a little deeper.  One girl talked to me off to the side as we were doing an activity and said " i did all those things, but nothing is working? what can i do?"  We talked more about prayer, and ignoring, and that these thoughts are not true of her (a very advanced and bright little girl but together that it was not the child saying these things, but Satan after her). 

Bullying is a huge problem in schools right now- all schools, all ages.  Kindergartens come home in tears from being bullied- and it is a real thing not just an overly sensitive 5 year old.  My students knew that they were to love these difficult people, and pray for blessing for them- so we moved on.

I took this as a teachable moment to talk about what to do when being bullied.  Of course these words were not used, but I saw the sparks fly in the students as they thought of what they could do or try the next time they are in the situation.  I saw hope in students.  I am so thankful that it went over well.

Pastor, my students did get the message.  They know where to find it (Matt 5:44) and what it says, and what to do.  I'm sorry we did not play your games, or have all of the chats as planned- but thanks for giving me the liberty to have this teachable moment.


  1. This is such a profound post and I am so glad that you are working with 4th graders on this issue! It is so important.

    Did you see that on ABC Family I believe it is next Sunday, they are airing a moving that is called "Cyber-Bullying". This is the rising form of terror in our schools. I hope this will make an impact and people like you!!! I hate to see students upset because people can not talk nice.

    Happy Fourth!!

  2. My daughter is going into 4th grade in the fall and I've definitely seen more bullying happening at this age than I had before(although I'm certain it does happen in grades as young as kindergarten). It's such a shame. It breaks my heart when I see or hear of kids being bullied and it cuts especially deep when it's your own. It sounds like you're doing a great job of teaching these kids how to handle the situation and look to God for comfort. These kids need more teachers like you!

    xoxo, Sarah Kate


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