Monday, July 11, 2011

last week at this time...

Last week we were celebrating 4th of july.  I lvoe my family and I wish we were closer in distance to match our closeness in love.  ;) cheese ball i know.

I love driving out to the country and just being together.  It was a smaller group than normal (only about 25 of us)- but we love getting together no matter how many.

I have no firework photos- we skipped that this year- but please enjoy the pictures of adorable babies!

these girls are getting to be so big!  They are not going to be 'the babies' much longer!!

the opened all of the presents for the mom to be

do you see what is in that bag... if you said an 18 month old you would be right!!

what a creative dessert!  (we also had raspberry pie, texas sheet cake, and homemade ice cream)
the girls taking turns

do you see what's wrong here?  The adults were all playing football, the toddlers were playing on the tractor, the tractor wheel got stuck, the game boundaries moved- yes there is a toddler in the middle of it all
grandpa wanted to sit down- before he could the girls were right there to sit in his lap!
me and the hubby getting ready to head home (please excuse our sweatyness- football is fun)
to complement my 2dolar thrifted lands end navy shorts, I made this hair clip, and wore my grandmother's old necklace that she gave me when I was 5

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