Friday, July 15, 2011

mission: eating down the pantry

Well We are moving in... um HOLY $#!^ 17 DAYS!!

We have done nothing for this.  We don't know where we are moving to yet.  Nothing is packed except for most of my winter clothes- no one would ever believe we were moving.  But we are- and it's time to get our buts in gear!

Hubby found a storage unit for us to rent for a while (to hold all of our belongings as we live with the parents for a while), and I am on the hunt for boxes.

One big thing is our pantry!  I have stocked up on the essentials and a few of our favorites- and now we need to eat them!  So, I am on Project Pantry now.  My goal is to eat down as much as possible before the move.  This week I spent 12 bucks on groceries.  I made some very creative things..

hoping our pantry looks like this soon! via
Personal Pizzas
  Tortillas, pasta sauce, cheese, and lunch meat- assemble like a pizza and pop in toaster oven!  Delish!

Saucy Chicken
  Frozen chicken breast, salsa, tortilla chips, and a chipotle dip left over from a cookout- cover chicken with salsa and bake, then I dumped half a bag of chips on to a pan and covered with the dip, baked those chips up- yum!!!

Spaghetti and sausage
  We try to eat sausage at least once a week since it is a favorite, this was one thing I actually bought.  Pasta sauce, spaghetti (and open box from the pantry), sausage, a mix of spices (see anything Italian related, I think I used 10)

Chicken and Rice
  Frozen Chicken, and a box of italian rice- cover the chicken in olive oil and italian herbs, make the box of rice- and plate up together

Breakfast Burritos
     Scrambled eggs, a dash of milk, tortillas, and salsa- delish for our brunch

This was our creativeness- no I am not including all food groups, trying to cut back on spending too.  Maybe a few of these can inspire something in your pantry!


  1. Liquor stores normally have TONS of boxes... haha. Good Luck with your move!


  2. I've heard of Project Pantries before. Like to use ingredients ONLY from the pantry. Um... can I use my Nutella, peanut butter, and other baking ingredients? ;)

  3. Check out the site "my fridge food" for ideas on how to use pantry items!!!


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