Thursday, July 28, 2011

whatcha gonna do- and a pants on the floor remix

Dear teachers and parents- I have a gem for you today!!  I was on this blog and the teachers there mentioned a few of the class favorites when it came to songs that they played after calendar time- i watched, i learned, i laughed, and i loved

and now here is your chance.  The name of the creator is HarryKindergarten and these are true gems!  Next time you are on youtube look up HarryKindergarten!!!!

Here is the link to Whatch gonna do? (count by 2's, 5's and 10's)

And here is the link to Coins in my hand (aka pants on the floor)

Be aware- I am not switching to being a teaching blog- but 1st grade research and ideas where all over my head yesterday!  So have pity on my post ;)

**Update form my last post.  I do not officially have the job yet.  I still have to interview with HR/the Board.  I was hoping to have this done tomorrow, but I am still waiting on the call.  I cannot enter that classroom (or begin curriculum training) until that is processed!  Pray this goes quickly!  I plan on moving in with my parents sunday night- The hubby will follow later. **

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  1. awww i'll be thinking about ya hope it all goes well.. i need ur email address!!!


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