Saturday, July 30, 2011

brain is powering down

Well, yestrday was eventful for me- but not for you all, so we'll be brief: (or skip ahead)

1) paniced and missed an entire night's sleep (literally) over some missing papers (to be fair I would not have a job without these)
2) dog ate a 5 dollar bill- and that just sucked
3) Hubby got up and ready for wrk- and reassmened enough of the bill to get a replacement- score!
4) call mom, she thinks she has one set of papers
5) get copies of the papers e-mailed to me from my amazing supervisor from my university (and then several pep talks from all profs there)
6) took puppy to Petsmart- always an adventure
7) Packed what I would wear for the next 2.5 weeks
8) went to work
9) lost the families dogs (oh, and it was my last day)
10) get everyone back in the house safe
11) get off 9 hours later- a bit late, leave for the last time and head straight to church without stopping for food- had not eaten yet that day)
12) run like a chicken with my head cut of for our version of VBS from 6 to 10
13) get home, talk to hubby for 15 minutes then begin packing
14) forced to stop packing when hubby wants to go to bed at 12:30
15) wide awake- not ready for bed, looks like another night of fun. (enter sarcasm)

Going on day 3 without sleep, some of the biggest 3 days of life.  Thus I am just sharing from Pintresting Finds.

perfect for us! with all the places we have been!  too bad we wrote all over our maps

great idea!  new place has a long stairway form the entry- might write out our last name like this!

too amazing to comment

just a bit of adorableness to make your heart melt (tenfold)

Hope you enjoyed!

The next time I post will hopefully be after my interview... unless I have another sleepless night before it ;)  I am praying that the next post will include some info about teaching and starting my life as a Teacher!!

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