Monday, July 4, 2011

with the fam

today hubby and i are heading to the small town where my entire family is from.  you see my whole family lives in the same small town with the exception with my parents (who live less than 2 hours away) and us (3 hours away).  we are a very close knit family!  I am so excited to see everyone!  (i have not seen them since easter- it's one of the longest breaks ever!)

although we have not had a family 4th cookout before i am sure there will be lots of....
this and...
this, and...


and this..

and this..

and this..

and this
Did I mention that I have 5 aunts and uncles- all married, 13 cousins (half are married- for a total of 18) 1 second cousin, and three women between 7 and 8 months preggo!  And EVERYONE will be there!  We have been debating bringing our pup (he's not allowed inside my grandparent's house- they have had the rule sine the farm house). We may even have a few more distant relatives (and by distance, i mean they live in TN and IL) come by too!  I love my family!

**Edit- change of plans**  One of the preggo mommies will be having a shower today as well!  My own mother however will not be able to join us.  She woke up on Saturday and could not move.  She was in sever pain from her back.  An ambulance had to come to the house and get her.  Not sure what is going on there.  Hubby and I will take puppy to see her and my dad before going north to see the rest of the family.   8 hours of driving here we come :(  Too bad we will spend more time driving than with family on this trip


  1. Aw, how fun! Nothing beats family time :) Happy fourth, have fun!


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