Sunday, July 17, 2011

interwebz findz

Are you familiar with the lolcats network?  (Failblog, IMMD, LoLcats, Hotdogs, Webinator, and about a million more (or at least 30))  Go there the next time you are bored becuase netflix is notworking, nothing is on tv, you are babysitting, and can't get on facebook to avoid HP hype and leaks.

I thought I would share a few finds from my friday morning- seriously what is there to do at 6am with a sleeping baby in someone else's house?

how great for a 'mom prom'

such a cute idea!!!


so true!  (i fed these to 10 tots the other day- hilarious!)

i feel like many of you would appreciate this it was Designed by Etsy user Dirtroadsouth

That's me!

these apply in our house ^

bahahaha!  I'll take 20!
at a place where everybody knows your name

things that make you say WTF?!?!  Yes, it was made out of real human hair!

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