Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the newly-whits go camping- campfire adventure

We had spent our afternoon relaxing and playing in the river, taking a long walk, eating push-up pops (old school= awesome), and playing Uno and Yatzee!  It was a blast!  As night got closer we gathered what we needed (and bought some firewood- cheating I know) and made some hotdogs to chow down on with our veggies, chips and beer.

We kept puppy up way to late!  He wanted to go to bed far before we did.  We had a great time just sitting next to each other by the fire and talking.  No one else was around, it was just as I wanted it.

hubby's awesome fire

relaxing (love self-timer)
The next morning I got up super early.  The puppy and I went for a long walk while the rest of the camp grounds was still asleep.  We had a fun morning.
our tent- hubby still sleeping

puppy on his morning adventure
Once hubby was up we packed the rest up, and headed home by 8:30.  As soon as we got back I packed up for my interview and headed to Indy to take care of my mom before trying my best at my interview.  I took puppy on the two hour trip with me.  Good thing he was so tired from the day before- he slept the entire time in the car!


  1. awe looks like you had a great time!
    peyton is scared of fires, so he would have been a mess the entire time!

  2. Hi! I found your blog from your love story!
    I have enjoyed reading a lot of your posts! You are a beautiful couple!

  3. OMGOSH! I totally forgot about push pops! Those were the best! =D

  4. What a great time!!! I wish I could do that. What am I saying... I wish I enjoyed doing things like that because you make it look like so much fun!

  5. I remember Flinstone's push pops. How funny! Glad you guys had a good time! :) :)


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