Monday, July 18, 2011

my secret life

of blogging.  I love blogland.  I love that I have 'meet' so many inpirational women, and have been personally challenged by others posts.  I love that I have an outlet to shar emy thoughts and experiences.  I love that you let me brag. 

I also love that this has been uncensored.  Why?  How?  Because blogging is my secet life.  My friends and husband know that I blog- but none of them have ever read it.  Partly because they are there with me for the real life and thus already know what I write about- but partly because I like not censoring.  I can write about things I want to do for my husband without him knowing.  I finally have a place to vent about 'girl issues' and don't have to worry about offending her!!  It has been a freeing experience and has helped me to be more open in real world as well. 

Thank you for this fun journey- it's been almost 6 months, and I have grown because of you!  You are inspiring!  Weather you write about crafts, marriage, love, life, or just something silly to break me away from the screaming babies- you rock!  Thank you for being awesome. And thank you for letting me keep my secret life ;)


  1. ha! I'm in the awkward 'somepeopleIknowinreallifereadthis' stage right now! But seriously, isn't blogging kind of amazing?!

  2. I agree 100%. Blogland is the best. :)

  3. Agreed! My husband said something to my sister the other day about oh she's probably just updating her blog and I could have killed him. He played it off though and really I don't mind if she reads it. I'd just enjoy not have people I know reading it! Makes it way more fun!

  4. I'm the same way! Most of the people in my real life never read my blog =)


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