Monday, July 25, 2011

Harry Potter- It all ends (no spoilers)

Well the last time (which was the first time ever) I did a Harry Potter related post I lost followers!  So here's to hoping that you stick with me through this one.  I am not a fanatic, and don't plan on having any other posts on HP- but Hubby is in love- so who knows.

Last Monday night Hubby, Father-in-law, and I went to see the newest, and last HP film in Imax 3D.  It was really great.  I tried so hard to avoid hearing anything- I muted the tv and closed my eyes for all interviews the week leading up, I did not get on facebook for 5 days, and did not log onto any websites with pop culture references.  I also had to be careful about bloggy posts (one 'friend' was writing a post on a wedding then just busted out the very last minutes of the film/ book without warning.. before the movie came out- me= pissed).  This was the time of my life in which I found Pintrest.  :)

To get into the spirit of things I was going to make a shirt.  However, I am not a huge HP fan- I still have not read the books in the past decade (I read the 1st one when it came out in 5th grade).  So I thought it might be a little much.  But I did make a headband from 30 cents worth of fabric!

my look for the outing, I am obsessed with scarves

the headband

so that you can read the clever pun ;)
What did you think? 
Did it serve the book well?  
We went to DQ to 'discuss' the film after.  
Hubby and his dad were analyzing like it was a report!  So funny!

** on a side note, the baby I Nanny hit his head in his playpen and now has a crooked z shaped mark on his forehead, the exact same spot as Harry Potter- I find this hilarious.  (He's fine by the way)**
you can't really see the zigzag here- just the red area around it :(


  1. i just love how HP fans get really into it with costumes! i am sure it was bittersweet!

  2. LOVED the movie!! I have been reading the books since 1998 so it was a long time coming for a special goodbye to all of those characters. I went to the 12:01am double feature.... so fun!

  3. I haven't read any of the books or seen any of the movies, and I feel like I am really missing out. I might have to rectify that situation:)



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