Friday, July 8, 2011

what a week! so many hotdogs!

Saturday- I don't even remember it.  Apparently my mom went to the hospital that morning but I did not learn this until Sunday

Sunday- Hubby and I cookout at a friend's house-!!!!!!  It was with one of the girls form my small group who got married recently.  her (and his) whole family was there, the neighbors were there, and all the girls from my small group! (ate hotdogs)

Monday- drove from Cincy to Indy to see my mom.  She was stuck in bed waiting to get an MRI done because of her killer back pain which paralyzed her fr 3 days.  After this hour detour of driving, we spent 45 minutes with her and my dad before heading up to see the rest of the fam near ft wayne.  2 hours later we arrived for a small baby shower, then feast, the football.  by 7 we had to hit the road for our 3 hour drive home to get back to our little puppy.  The only fireworks we saw that night were seen from 75 on the drive home.  Yes friends, we spent almost 8 hours driving to spend 3:45 with my family.  My hubby would do anything to make me happy. (homemade icecream for lunch, and hotdogs for dinner)

Tuesday- I prepared for my interview on Thurs, and had small group.  However I had to stop to get coffee on my way there since I was so tired #didntsleepafullnightforaweek.  When I arrived we realized that no one had done their homework, and a few were going to be late- so we spent the evening chatting and praying.  It was just what I needed. (ate a hotdog and my quick lunch- hubby called to remind me to eat)

Wednesday- Worked for a woman's small group doing child care- got home at 12:00 and by 12:30 Hubby had packed up the car and the pup and we went camping!!  It was just 30 minutes from our house- but it seemed like a different world! (we had hotdogs for dinner over our awesome fire)

Thursday- packed up the campsite- left by 8:30, dropped everything off at our house, grabbed what i needed for my interview and drove myself and puppy back to indy to take care of momma before my interview at 5.  My grandparents stopped by for a surprise visit!  Too bad my dad was in another city for work the whole time.  I got back to my house at 10- and went straight to bed (ok, i stopped to have a small drink with hubby first)

Friday- had to be at work at 6:30.  See- still have not slept.  Luckily the baby decided he needed sleep too.  I have now finally caught up on all your lovely posts and comments.

I cannot wait to share more details (and pictures from the week!)


  1. can you say WHIRLWIND?! crazy girl!!

  2. Wow, busy week for you! Thanks for sharing your Enchilada recipe! I can't wait to try it. And I'm loving your blog's new look. :)


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