Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the wait is over...

In the past 3 days I have gotten 9 phone calls from various principals, set up 3 interviews, had a phone interview, was offered a part time job--- and then this morning a new call came.

It was the principals who have been passing my name around.  They have a full time position open- and wanted to know if I would accept it.

It's full time, 1st grade.  I freaked out- I asked for time to think about it.  They were really sad that I was not excited about this and (kind of )started looking into who they would ask next.  I had from 9 until 12 to decide.  I woke up my hubby (who was out until 3 with some guys from work-- his weekend is Tues/Wed) and we talked.  And we prayed.  And I cried.  I love 4th and 5th grade- their attitudes, spunk, personality, independence- love it.  1st grade- I just don't know. 

I called my mom.  Hubby tried to help think this through but i needed someone who knew education.  Our conversation was really a pros and cons list.

I love the principals. We are on the same page. I am with the vision of the school.  It is one of the most impressive districts in IN.  There will be tons of support from parents and faculty alike. These people have been going to bat for me for a year.  1st grade isn't so bad curriculmn wise when a furst grasde etacher needs to establish new lesson plans (easlier to work with addition than algebraic equations).

Teaching literacy will be a challenge, however- these kids all went to Kindergarten.  1st grade teachers are known for being young, fun, and full of energy- well that's me!  I fit.  After 40 minutes, many tears, and a small anxiety attack, I called back and accepted the position.  I never applied for this, I interviewed once at this school (pretty common to have 4 in this district due to the competitiveness).

So our next adventure- The young and married 1st grade teacher! 

PS- all teachers- I would love tips on how to organize the room, things that are a must have, and tips for the beginning of the year- school starts in 11 days!!!!!  (and I don't even live in the city state yet!)


  1. Congrats!!!! Oh that's so great! I have found that if the kids can do rotating group activities they have more fun and learn how to work together. We do this at my school from kindergarten thru 2nd grade and our kids are great ;) I'm a little biased but really they're amazing ;)

    Check Pinterest for classroom ideas! If you need an invite just let me know and I'll email you one!!!

  2. Congratulations! I don't have any tips but my son just finished first grade & he says it was the best year of his life (haha!). I wish you all the best and I know you will be great! :)

  3. Congratulations!!! I've taught both Kindergarten and 2nd grade (not first, but close enough) and I love their enthusiasm for school and for their teacher. :) There are so many fabulous Kindergarten and 1st grade blogs out there with great ideas! I would highly recommend reading books like The First Six Weeks of School or Harry Wong's the First Days of School, but if all you have time to do in 11 days is set up your classroom and have a behavior system in place those are top priority. Good luck!!


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