Sunday, July 24, 2011

What I'm wearing

Ok, I am not a fashinista.  My mom still dresses me most of the time- she has great style.  However, last week I got together with a friend to do some shopping and I actually put thought into my outfit.  This was the result...

paired with some sperry's, Puppy was more interested in Rachael Ray
Since the other was blurry- a bit closer up
I used this fancy new clip to hold my hair back!  Loved the bright accent!
Now the details:
Skort: (yes I rocked a skort) Forever 21 (XXI) years ago, Less than 10
Clip- Hand Made (and for sale for 4 dollars!)

PS** My puppy Remy was featured on this blog!! #adorablepuppies


  1. Cute!! I love scarves. And that clip is bright and cheerful, looks great :D

    Remy is adorable!! You should consider linking up with Sidekick Sunday on my blog :) I'd love to learn more about your furbaby!


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