Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcome to the world little girl!

This is the story of a mommy and her daughter... and the life in between to get there

This teenager was in high school.  She was beautiful and always had the boys attention.  Just a few months before graduation, she finds out she is pregnant.  As much as this kinda sucked at the time, she was not allowed to tell anyone for several months.  See if the word got out, she would be expelled from her Christian school.  So she hid it until the day after graduation when she told her family.  As the pastor's daughter she married the boy a month later in preparation for their new family.  In November she had her son, and by the next year she was going through a nasty divorce. 

She learned how to be a single mom, she learned how to grow up too fast, and she learned how to sacrifice everything for her son.  After a few seriously relationships she met someone who loved her and her son.  He worked to be a better person for her.  A little more time passed and he pledged his life to love her and her son.  He entered into the family and cared for them in ways they never though possible. 

With this new marriage, new house, and new family- things were going well.  It was time for a baby of their own.  The little boy is 11 now, and they have been married for a year.  Things finally fell into place.  They announced at Christmas that they were expecting a baby!!  The baby was due in the mid/end of August.  Everything with the pregnancy went well... until she went into labor preterm.  She had over 4 weeks left... but that baby thought it was time! 

She felt some pain in the night, went to the doc in the morning to check- and found out she was in labor.  A few hours later a baby girl was born.  She is 4lbs 11 oz, and 18 inches long.  Baby Girl is in ICU but doing great!  These parents are so happy!!  And we are so happy for them!!

Her big brother however is in FL with his father- all he wants is to come home and meet his little sister.  We pray he can come home soon, and that a way would be made for it to happen. 

I am so happy for my newest cousin, and so happy for this little girl who will have the most living parents!!  Congrats! 

On this same day we found out that one of my younger cousins is preggo.  We will have a lot of babies come Easter!  The count is up to 4 newborns, 2 more just under 2, and 2 age 4!  Should be fun!!

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