Saturday, July 9, 2011

the last word

these are my last words on the casey anthony trial.  this is the one and only time that i will be talking about it.

I have seen many posts and status about this.  But I have not seen someone share my view- so I thought maybe I should.

1) Why was this so important that it took over the news?  It sucks that there is a 2 year old dead- but there are 2 years dead all over the world.  Why was this one as big as it was?

2) You were not in the courtroom.  Did you really read every transcript?  We saw this through the slant of the media- this is not the way the jury saw things.

3) I did not realize that God gave you permission to play him, and pass your judgments.  We do not know everything- we never will.  Watch how far you take this.

And that is my peace.

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