Sunday, July 10, 2011

another interview

some may think 'gee, you graduated with honors, you were recognized as the top of your class for your department, every school, principal, and teacher you have eve worked with sings your praises, people have offered you jobs after mock interviews, you have such a passion and drive for teaching, you have more experience than any other first year teacher, and you are fairly open with where you will move to- it should be easy for you to get a job, at least have millions of interviews

well friends all of those things are true except there are very few jobs to get interviews for, and those positions were not available when i was available to teach- so I have had a grand total of 2 interviews (in two states) for the past 8 months that  I have been looking

My most recent interview was on Thursday.  I know the assist principal- but he is a very professional man, and he wants me to succeed on my own.  I had been so excited about this interview.  After I got the call we got the ball rolling on moving to that city!  We knew we were a bit ahead of ourselves- but we were both so optimistic!

While waiting to go in I heard them with another candidate- all laughing, the secretary went home before I even went in.  It was 5:15, they had started at 8am- I think they were done before I even got there.

Overall I feel like I did well.  I gave honest answers, was direct, and shared a lot.  However- I did stutter a bit, I had so much adrenaline going on!  I mean, I think it was normal- but it's all I can think about now.  I didn't like the way it ended either.  It seemed to short, and not as personal when I was leaving.  I know it was late, they were hungry, and tired, and ready to relax with the fam- but I just didn't leave feeling like I rocked it.

One thing I thought was really interesting, near the end (after rapid fire question time with 9 principals, teachers, specialists and a guidance counselor) the principal said "Its always hard when you go through an interview and you feel like you never got to share something that you really wanted us to know. What do you want us to know?"  This is the most awesome thing that could happen in an interview right?!?!!  Well, I am slow to process, and when the stakes are as high as they were... I had no clue what to say.  There was also a quick segway into questions, so I asked my questions and tried to think of my response during that time.

I decided to share why I was planning on moving.  I was as honest as it is.  My husband and I feel that I have such a passion and desire for teaching that is it more important for me to follow and purse that than what he is doing (wanted to through out that he makes almost twice what my salary would be.. just to send that point home, but thought it tacky).  He believes in me, and has seen me go through it and knows that it would be best for our family.

Yes, I do have the best husband in the world.  He is willing to give up a job he loves (and makes more than I ever will) so that I can have a classroom.  He is willing to be unemployed, and cut back even more in our lives just so that I can do what truly makes me happy (and tired, and crazy and stressed- but overall, happy).  Another husband of the year award is going to my Hubby!

**Edit: The assistant principal told my old man that they really liked me- they still have another day of 1st round interviews before making decisions- hopefully I will hear from them at the end of next week!

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