Wednesday, July 6, 2011

how much longer in training bras?

Today we are talking about boobies.  I still fit into training bras.  I do not fill an A cup- and not sure that I ever will.  My mom became a small B when she had me, but was small before that (she is also much more petite than I am- so they look  a little big on her).

I want to not wear training bras anymore.  I want to go into any store and buy a bra.  I want to not have to worry about 'is that gap between my bra and boob showing in my tshirt again?'.  I want boobies.

My husband doesn't care.  When we were friends were were talking about cup sizes ( yes, as friends we were very open and talked about everything- what a wonder it did when we started dating....).  He told me "as long as there is a handful it's enough".  I loved that comment and it gave me a lot more confidence about my appearance- even if i still don't have a true handful ;)

I have wanted to have plastic surgery since forever.  I am not proportional at all (see 00 top that is too loose in the boob areas, and a 8-10 bottom that is a bit tight), and would really appreciate a B cup.  (look for 36 AA next time you are out at Target or something... it's really hard to find!)  I do not plan on actually doing it- but i do plan on lusting after it for a while longer (and am not counting it out yet).

I always wondered about breastfeeding post breast augmentation.  Can you? Is it safe?  Do you need a 2nd surgery after?

What I never thought about was what about when the kids are older?  This was brought to my attention while watching Rachael Ray last week (thursday).  An 8yrold asked her mom 'will I have those when I get older'- and the mom had no idea what to say.. because the answer was no.  Every mother teacher her daughter to love herself, and natural is the most beautiful, and there is no such thing as perfection.  But what does it say if after preaching all that, you have to share that you have been 'enhanced'.  What does this say to your little boy about what to look for and value in a woman? 

Opinions?  If money were not an issue would you 'enhance' or change anything about yourself? 

*while searching for an appropriate image i had to go through a lot of 'before and after shots'  i kept saying 'i would be happy with that, ooh, or those, those would be perfect- they were all the before shots!  Made me slightly sad, but also a good reminder that natural is beautiful.


  1. Beth,
    I'm wee chested too. I'm an A. I went through about a month of wishing I were bigger, but then once I started being really active, I was so glad for my little ones. I never seriously considered plastic surgery, though.

    I truly believe that we're beautiful just the way God made us. I know that sounds cliche and silly, but really- think about all the great things about having little boobies! We can run with minimal support from a sports bra, we can get away with running outside without a bra on, and if we feel like having a little boost, it's nothing that a lightly padded bra can't handle!

    Girls with larger chests probably envy girls with smaller chests- just like I resented my curly hair for a year out of my life- only to find girls with stick straight hair were envious of mine. We're lovely. I think you're lovely, little boobies and all! (Even though we've never met and I've never thought about your tatas until you wrote this post! )

    Also, when you have a baby, your breasts will grow and you'll get to experience a larger cup size while you breastfeed!

    I really am not one to judge, but I guess my best suggestion to you would be to wait until after you have babies (so you can experience both sides of the fence regarding cup size) and THEN consider your options from that point. Ok, I've written a book! I'm still trying to find your e-mail address!

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. girl. I feel your pain. a few months ago I was shopping with my sisters and tried on a training bra AS A JOKE. and it fit too perfectly. ugh.
    I got your summer package yesterday and it made my day!! loved everything :)
    crazy that we both know the Taylor's! small little world!


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