Thursday, April 7, 2011

how getting dirty can save you money

The original article can be found here at and was written by Alden Wicker.

A movement has been spreading (spawned in the green community, of course) called “no ‘poo” — no, not that kind of poo. It refers to people who have opted to cut down or forego use of shampoos and soaps in their daily hygiene routine. This trend has been making waves through the country, and fans include celebs like Jessica Simpson (who only shampoos two or three times a month), Robert Pattinson (who rarely shampoos, if ever) and Prince Harry (who hasn’t shampooed since 2007).
Here’s why proponents think this practice is great:
  • You’ll save money on all the extra products.
  •  Your hair will be more balanced–naturally.  
  • Your skin will be more moisturized.  
  • Going soap-less can help with skin inflammation.  
  • It’s green-friendly.
  • OK, it’s not actually dirty
For years (ok, all of my life) I have gone a few days between washing.  When I was in college this came up with a few people and they were in shock.  I told them that I would break out if i ever used any type of face wash (still true) and that my dry hair was even drier the more often I washed it!

During a summer when I was not fussing with my hair as much I went 5 to 7 days between lathering up.  And my hair was at it's healthiest!  My skin is doing well too as never in my life have I really struggled with acne.  I used to think I was just weird (and I may be), but now I am thinking that others just need to give it a shot!

Tips on how to try this trend, and for more info be sure you visit LearnVest


  1. ok i have a ? how do you not uuhh how do i say this smell?? like sweating when working out?

  2. Hey I go 3-4 days between shampooings!

  3. Steph- when the sweat gets to its worst and is dripping off you and your hair, i'd say that a shampoo would do, but for the everyday grime- water works just fine!

  4. I can go every other day sometimes...but after working out I just have to use shampoo :)

  5. New follower!

    This post was so interesting. If I go for a day without shampoo my head is like a grease pit!


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