Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day

LearnVest is my friend, and today they can be yours too as they are sharing

Green Fashion Freebies and Discounts

We all want to do what we can to be kind to the earth (more fun tips on that at B Kind 2 Earth).  However, being Eco-Chic is expensive!  LearnVest is helping us out with that by giving us a few names of econo-chic designers, as well as some sweet deals!  Hop over and check them out!

In other earth day news:

Take in plastic bags into a Disney store to score a FREE TOTE! 

Take a travel mug (or stay in the shop, and drink in china cups) for FREE COFFEE OR TEA at Starbucks!  

Lowes is giving away FREE TREES!  (don't know the details, head to lowes)


  1. Dang, I just came back from town, i wish I had known about the free trees from Lowes!

  2. Now following you from the Bunny Hop! Have a wonderful Easter. Look forward to reading your blog! You can find me at


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