Friday, April 29, 2011

most wonderful husband competition

I win.  NO really, mine is the best!  Just try to beat what he did yesterday!

I had my second in a row 10+ hour day at work (as a nanny).  Hubby had a day off!  He works so hard for us that I appreciate when he rests on his days off as they are so few and far between.  However, he doesn't know how to just rest on his days off any more.  He decided he would do some cleaning since our messy house drives him crazy to help me out for the party on saturday(he forgot about it).  I thought he most pick up a few things, or do the dishes (both of them)- but never in my wildest dreams would i expect what I came home to.
  • everything I needed from the store, done
  • downstairs vacuumed
  • kitchen mopped
  • entryway mopped
  • bathrooms mopped
  • dishes done and put away
  • trash out
  • dining room table cleared and cleaned
  • couch cushions fluffed
  • living room dusted and polished
  • stairs vacuumed (with the good vacuum- the one that is too heavy for me to carry up the stairs)
  • scrubbed all the toilets/sinks/shower
  • dusted/ polished the bedroom
  • put all clothes away
  • emptied the bathroom trash cans
  • put away all of my hair stuff that I had left out on the bathroom counter (as well as his shaving things)
  • vacuumed the entire upstairs, no inch left uncovered
  • cleaned the downstairs carpet
  • bills paid
  • rent paid

and now for the big stuff
  • reorganized my cabinets so that everything fits and makes more sense
  • cleaned out and reorganized the refrigerator
  • cleaned out and reorganized our pantry
  • cleaned out and reorganized our massive downstairs catch all closet
  • organized a place for all of our ' i need this all the time' stuff
  • a bouquet of two dozen roses (garden and premium)-- I never get flowers!  So exciting!
 and now they one i didn't think possible
  • he cleaned the den.  
  • dusted
  • polished
  • reorganized
  • vacuumed
That room has been a catch all since we moved it.  It have never been cleaned and has about 3 pieces of furniture too many!  It is a mess, always has been, always will be... until now!

It's still nothing to photograph, but it's clean!  And I am in shock!  Especially because I know that most of that junk in there is my teaching and crafting crap!

Seriously, try to beat me, I have the best husband in the world!  To celebrate his work I took him to Outback and we had streaks for dinner (what a treat!)

What has your love done for you that really knocked your off your feet?

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