Wednesday, April 20, 2011

which dog food?

Hubby and I were recently informed of how harmful the dog food we have be buying is to our little fur baby!

Purina= not such a great brand when it comes to bentiful and puppychow, They are full of fillers.  No good for the pup.  But what is?

We need something that we can get at the grocery store, and something that will not require us to get a loan!  (ie, around per 15 lbs bag would be do able, but would prefer less). 

So calling all bloggers- What do you feed your fur baby?  What do you know about different brands?  good ones, ones to stay away from?  We need help to feed this little guy well!


  1. We feed Peyton Science Diet. It is somewhat pricey but it is well worth it. His coat is shiney, his skin is not itchy, and it keeps his teeth really clean. You can't get it at the grocery store, but PetsMart carries it :)

  2. We feed Cruz Orijin but you can only get it at the pet store, we get it at Pet Planet. :) Cruz loves it.

  3. I've switched back and forth. For a while, we were feeding Bodie Purina but then I got to reading labels and we started feeding him Beneful because it has less additives.

    Ask your vet, sometimes they can recommend great brands!


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