Tuesday, April 26, 2011

april 26th, mistaken identity

5 years ago on April 26th, the Taylor University family suffered a great loss.  A serious crash killed 4 students and one staff member.   I remember being in High school and learning on the news that a tragedy had struck the university I was on my way too.  I was already a part of the family.  I saw the 1800 college students gather together at the chapel, holding each other up, praying.  I saw pictures of the horrifying crash on the interstate I drove on at least once a month.  The semi that was slip apart, the guard rail in pieces, the remains of the van strewn all over. 

At Taylor everyone is family.  The intentional community builds this.  While I attended there I had the opportunity to meet the parents of the students who died.  They were so loving and welcoming.  I was a part of each memorial ceremony and was able to learn from the families.

Weeks later, one survivor was coming out of her coma.  It was discovered that she was not the daughter the parents thought she was.  She was in fact someone else's daughter.  A daughter they thought they had buried weeks before.  A boyfriend who was planning on proposing ended up paying his last respects.  Then he, and her family, learned that it was their daughter that was alive and being taken care of by the family of the girl they buried.

The remarkable story of what these families went through was shared with the world in the book Mistaken Identity.  I finally read it on the plane on my honeymoon.  I couldn't read it while seeing Whitney around campus.  It made me cry, it made me laugh, and it made me sing with joy.  If you are looking for a good read, and inspiring read.  Check it out, and share it.

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