Sunday, April 3, 2011

what i miss about college

Our Chapel, Services M/W/F (and many other times as well)

I graduated last May (ok, I officially graduated in January, but I left the University in May) and these are the things I miss most about college life:

  • Mildred- She was our house keeper when I lived in the dorms.  She was wonderful.  Never had to 
    • vacuum, 
    • clean the bathroom, 
    • or take out the trash
  • Recycle- I did not have to drive across town to do it, there were 3 recycling bins next to every trashcan.  It was so easy!
  • having a network of support for everything in life
  • having random spiritual events that were life changing
  • sharing clothes with 30 girls all the time (ah, the endless wardrobe!)
  • making reasons to get dressed up, take pictures, and go out
  • never cooking (unless we wanted to)
  • always fresh fruits and veggies
  • milk that never went bad
  • random days off
  • walking down the street to the best icecream place in the world
  • polar pops at all times of the day and night
  • free amazing gym
  • classes outside when it was wonderful
  • prayer/devotional before each class
  • meals with professors (home-cooked with wonderful people)
  • free laundry just down the stairs (instead of 1.50 a load across the block)
  • fall break, christmas break, jterm break, spring break, easter break- love breaks!
  • being able to travel all over the world and not being help responsible for all of the planning or finances
  • the positivity that we would change the world, and that wonderment laid just ahead

and finally
  •  the lack of responsibility
My roomie and I goofing around- The guy who gave us the carpet said that white would be ruined before the semester was over, this is us moving out- carpet was still white!

Polar Pops  (and everything I am wearing is from the closet across the hall, She was in Africa, I didn't think she would mind!)

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