Saturday, April 23, 2011


I am so happy that it is finally here!  I have a new shirt to wear, a new hairdo to show off (hopefully I will want to show it off... before and after photos are coming), puppy has a fresh haircut, and most importantly I GET TO SEE MY FAMILY!

Moving 2 hours away was a big deal for my mother when she got married.  I got married, and moved two hours from my parents, another 2 hours from the rest of the family.  I am so excited to see everyone (including the 3 pregos!)

I have a big family, and we are all very close.  Easter is a fun gathering for us.   My youngest cousin is 2, the oldest is 27.  My oldest uncle is 48, the youngest aunt is 28.  My family is huge.  There are about 40 of us that get together (of course, not everyone can make it- the 40 is the average number in attendance).  To get everyone in the door at some point my grandparents go all out to include everyone.

On Easter we remember Jesus as he made the way possible "No one can get to the Father except through me".  With grandpa being a pastor, this is not something we talk about lightly.  But we also have a tone of fun and games.  After a huge feast (with tons of sweets) we sit around and catch up with one another.  Of course we have kids of all ages, and it wouldn't be an Easter gathering without and egg hunt!!

My grandparents stuff about 100-150 plastic eggs with a couple pieces of candy (like 3 jelly beans, or m&ms).  They also fill a couple with a few nickles, and one is filled with a 10 or a 20 (depending on how the year has been with the crops of course).  The hunt is on and there is a limit to how many eggs each person can get- but we are all after the money egg!  The hunt does not end until each egg is accounted for!  After it's over we all sit down on the porch, grandma passes our little brown paper bags, and we empty our eggs into them.  It is a wonderful tradition that I hope we never get too old for!

the kids

the adults- hard core running!  The couple in blue tops on the left- that's hubby and I (we teamed up)

  Enjoy your Easter, and your Family!!!

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