Thursday, April 14, 2011

calling all schools- one teacher ready for work!

Why is it so hard to get a a teaching position.  It is April and I am already discouraged (to say the least).  I have been looking for something in some school (is some state, might I add) since January- ok since November, knowing I would be available to work at the end of January. 

All of my prior looking landed me a nanny gig which I greatly appreciate- I mean who doesn't love this face!

However, my passion is the classroom.  I am feeling the pains of being graduated for a while and not working.  Everyone says "be a sub"- well no duh, I have tried.  Because of recent budget cut announcements all districts in the area that I live have gone on a hiring freeze.  The only positions are those for Custodial staff (for which my husband would like to tell everyone I am not qualified for). 

So I looked outside of our area.  My hubby knows how important this is to me so he is willing to give up his really great job (which makes more than a teacher does, when commission is good) so that I can teach.  We started looking into the state next door where I am from, in the area where my parents live- ok basically all of central Indiana (Muncie to Greenfield).  Guess what- no luck. 

Everyone from the university that I went to are talking about getting their applications in, resumes out, etc.  I feel like I am at a disadvantage because I graduated early.  That should not be the case!  I am beginning to feel out of touch with teaching and the classroom- I am hoping these are not use 'em or lose 'em skills!

It is also very frustrating to know that some people who are not as good as you already have contracts secured.  I graduated as one of the best in my class (top 5 for my degree, and I am not just talking about grades here).  Why is it that no one will contact me for anything?

Are there jobs out there?  Is this a failing cause?  Should be really be looking into moving?  Should I just Sub and Nanny for the rest of my life?  Why is this so frustrating?!! grugh!


  1. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I'd love for you to place an order. Let me know if I can make you something special! :) Thanks girl.

  2. Oh girl. Trust. I know where you're at and I'm sorry that you're going through it too. My empathy to you ... sending a hug ... because I know days like these call for one

  3. I've been where you are...all the way in Southern California. It will get better. After lots of searching for me I found something part time with students. After two year I became a stay at home mom. Love this so much better! One day I hope to go to the classroom again, that is if they ever hire again!


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