Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tail Waggin' Tuesday

Well I have a pretty srappy little boy- so he's not so much about the bling.

On his collar (that he wears for fashion and, so that I can hear him around the house) he has his ID tag, and rabbies tag, he's chipped, but he ate that tag (as he has tried to do with the others, he's a chewer). 

his collar now is plain black, we got it 2 days before getting him at 7 weeks old.  We thought it would only last a year.  It's holding up well, but what we really want to get him is...

We are huge Red Sox fans and he is named after a Sox.  We decided before we got him that all of our dogs would be named after Sox players.

When around town he is sportin' a Kong harness.  It is just like this one, except muddy from all of his playing and swimming!  It's very durable, and reflective!  I would reccomend it (and you can get it at petsmart).


  1. i love the collar! your background is too neat!!

  2. Cool collar!
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  3. Love the collar, just wish it was Yankees ;)

    Happy Tuesday!

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  4. Great collar. Homie has a Giants one! :)

  5. Love it! Thanks for linking up! -Cmae

  6. I love the little Red Sox collar but I also love the harnesss. Very cool!

  7. Cute collar! My husband would love it if I had an Cleveland Indians one for our pups!


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