Sunday, April 17, 2011

what a morning!

I headed to church to teach just as I do every Sunday, but this time there were several kids crying, some refusing to come in, and others just reeking havoc!  All for various reasons, and all of the kids I am talking about are in Kg or 1st grade. 

Next thing we learn is that 2 teachers didn't show!  No call, no warning, no explanation, just didn't show.  So I ended up having 30 kids in my Kg class.  I had two 'student leaders' with me, which actually made it worse.  I did not know that a person could serve while sitting in a corner sulking (a sulking teenage is never fun).  The other was a third grader, good intentions, but she was really another student.

Add to this the fact that I was sick this week and have no voice.  It was an interesting service.  I was suppose to be relieved of duties early because I had to go to another church.  But the relief never came.  I had parents skipping the line, without tickets (they must have a matching number of the student for us to release them from the room), parents coming to the room door which says "keep closed at all times".  I was trying to do check out at both doors!  Sulking Teen took one of the students to the restroom right at checkout time, and another was holding himself, so I sent him with her as well.  His parents were not so happy to find him in the hallway.  (I wouldn't be either).  Really chicka, you had 2 kindergartners to watch, and you lost one? 

To move on from that I went to the other church to serve ages 0-2.  It was much more relaxed with 2 adults and 3 kids, and we ended up talking about family, pregnancy, childbirth, and raising kiddos.  Enlightening yes.  Needed, not so much.

When I finally got back home I found my fur baby had diarrhea (TMI-sorry) in his crate- for the 3rd time in 12 hours.  So sad.  He does not feel good.  (He ate something outside that he wasn't suppose to, it will just take time.)

Hopefully now is time to turn the day around and go to the park with my pup.  Maybe it will make us both feel better!

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