Friday, April 15, 2011

babies all around!


Since I have been out of work as a teacher out of college and looking for work as a teacher, I have been a nanny.  I have seen one little boy grow and grow!  I also have been doing child care for a local church which places me with all ages, but mainly babies and 3 year olds.  From my partnership with this church I have gotten involved with a mother's group- I do the childcare, they pray and and chat.

I am surrounded by babies all the time.  Have I mentioned that I have two aunts that are prego, one cousin, and a girl I graduated just announced she was expecting.  We just graduated!  Less than 5 months ago!  (they have been married for 2 years).

The only people I know in this city (other than the single ladies in my small group) are moms of babies!  I have so much more in common with them than the girls in my small group- sans the broke college graduate thing, they got my back there.

Spending all this time with Babies I have convinced myself that I do not want one (maybe ever-- ok that was always a lie, just to get my hubby to wait).  Hubby sees the financial bit of it, and thus doesn't want a child, for several years decades.  That was until he came over to where I nanny- 20 minutes with a very good baby changed his mind (about the decades thing, nit the years)

But now... I am surrounded all the time.  I feel like it's this club of women that I have to be apart of.  My family (excluding my mother) is waiting, and most not so patiently (ie father-in-law).

I hate that the only people I find things in common with are mothers.  I don't want to/ shouldn't be one.  I am not ever 23 yet!

I think a big issue is that this is all my life has come to, taking care of babies.  I really want my old life back, where there were people who had things in common with me, and I was teaching the the classroom.

I have to get away from babies!!! (I say as I am watching one smile at me, and have 14 more hours of this before sunday night!)

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