Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a royal tea party

Many of you commented on my 'lack of friends' post (and thank you for that,  it was nice to hear a response when feeling lonely.)  I also was challenged by many to step a little further out and try a little harder to be more intentional about friendships- so here I go!

Last night at small group we were told to bring our calendars to plan some summer adventures together.  I almost purposefully forgot mine, but I took it.  I actually got excited about a lake trip that I have no idea if I will be able to make or not, but it is on the calendar!  I also made a few plans for when the hubby goes to Maine to visit his brother (a rock climbing, hiking adventure!  No idea how I will be in shape enough for it, but I'm going to try).  And the other thing that was planned was...

A royal wedding watching party.  We all confessed that we wanted to see it- but none of us can be up at 4am to watch it!  Our solution- DVR until Saturday!  We decided to have a little tea party and watch it together.  Some how I ended up being the hostess!  Everyone is bring food and such, but it's going to be at my tiny house!  I have no idea how I will fit 11 women in our living room....
this was the week we moved in... pre-puppy

we do have a nice tv for the viewing.... had to be sure it was set up pre-world cup!

But we will have fun!

So I am really taking this to the next level, as it is the first time I have hosted anything- and we are going all out.  I will be sharing my cute wedding decor as it is made.. but here is a glimpse of the start of it..

sorry details left off... 11 is already more than enough!


  1. You about me sounds a lot like mine last year... A lot of changes in one year! Loving your blog! :)

  2. following from the hop looking forward to reading more great posts

  3. I love it! I should do one too. I wonder if my friends care? They don't seem to love weddings as much as I do.

    Thanks for stopping by my corner, I can't wait to see how your petit fours turn out!


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