Monday, April 11, 2011

our perfect sunday

The day started out like any other- me waking up before the alarm and not falling back to sleep.  I got up, did the puppy duty thing, then sat back to watch an episode of mad men.  Before i expected it, Hubby was up and dressed.  He offered to make breakfast (Bacon, eggs, toast, and OJ- Score)!  I headed out to church to teach and when I arrived home I found
  • the kitchen was clean
  • dishes done
  • trash taken out
  • living-room clean
  • a picnic packed
  • puppy ready to go
He had prepared and packed a wonderful picnic for us on our 80 degree day!  We jumped in the car and headed to the park as a family!  The pictures will tell you the rest...

Our gourmet lunch!  (the glass has skinny girl and tonic)

puppy found a spot in the shade and just stayed there- he was off leash for the first time ever almost the entire time!

ok we fail at taking pictures together.

puppy sitting at daddy's feet while we ate

looking over the lake

puppy watching daddy swing while he chilled

another puppy came by so they played for a bit

soakin up the sun

so stinkin' cute!

but the sun was just too much for this hot pup!

We went home and all cooled off.  Then went back out and laid in our front yard while watching a movie.  perfect.  I made our favorite meal for dinner. perfect. and we watched the Red Sox beat the Yankees- PERFECT!

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