Friday, April 29, 2011

a royal tea party- continued

Alright, I am here to share a few more ideas

After watching the wedding, or highlights of it at least- maybe you would like to steal a few of these ideas for your own home!   Here is my share of ideas I have pulled off the web to create the Royal Wedding Tea Party

my inspiration for the invites

quiche!  Super easy recipe here

adorable petit fours found here (found it on a blog first, I wish I could find it again!)

I am hanging this sign ^ on the bathroom door!  found here

would love to make this!  (but berries are expensive!) found here(super easy)

would also love to make these!  also by better croker

PB&J cookies!  This goes to fellow blogger Kels.  So easy, 4 ingredients!

again- a long lost blog- but great bunting idea (using a potato as the stamp!)

I am using this image to put inside picture coasters to pass out to girls as favors (I have 50 extra from my wedding!)

and lastly just to comemorate the event- the real invite ;)

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