Wednesday, April 6, 2011

if you know anything about me.....

Jamie over at  Shehan and Jamie, two love birdies has tagged me in her postI am always up for a challenge!  Welcome to a little bit more about me:

food: pizza, hands down.  with as much meat as can be loaded up along with green peppers and onions!
color: a rich mossy green
animal: my puppy
sports team: boston red sox!  (love baseball season)
dessert: brownies
artist: hum....  ben folds
pair of shoes: a discount pair of hot pink flats!
Athens, Picture taken from my favorite place- The Hill of Phillipapos

outfit: my dark blue jeans, teal tank, white flowy shirt and teal necklace (hm, i should take a picture of that one!)
skinny jeans: are a challenge to find in my size
brand: of what?  clothes, Jcrew and Ralphe Lauren
perfume: have never worn the stuff
accessory: this is a venture I am new too...  I have recently gotten many necklaces
city: athens, greece
hobby: making headbands, reading children's books, playing with my puppy
beauty product: elizabeth arden mascara
holiday: christmas- who doesn't love puppies and babies opening presents with the entire family!
snack:anything that has chocolate in it, or popcorn
movie:crap.  no idea.  Boondock Saints, that one never gets old
song: Ben Folds with Levi Johnstons's Blues
guilty pleasure: Bethenny EverAfter, and the Real Housewives

and now I pass the baton- I challenge this crew to do the same

S. Marie at
David and Elizabeth at
Steph at (aka, Nursing in Red Stilettos)

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