Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"you are the only people I know in this city."

My church is doing a new series. It is church wide and all small groups are going through it as well.  This is an awesome thing that the church does every year and I can already see the growth from it!

To check out the sermons/ messages head over to Vineyard.  It is the OPEN series.

This week we were to jump online and create a time line of our lives.  It was an interesting reflection to do.  Then, Last night my small group got together and were lead through discussion of these things on the time-line.  (To do this exercise, and to join in what we are doing- click here)

It was great to open up with the group last night.  Then we were challenged to create a social event for next week.  We were to get together with friends and have fun and fellowship.  However, we realized- we don't have other friends.  Everyone else knows other people, but it would be odd to invite them to hang out.  However, I realized that night that these girls are the only people I even KNOW in this city!  I was thinking about my poor husband who was sitting at home and how the only people he knows are the jerks he works with (no joke, they are jerks- it's sad).  As lonley as I tend to feel here in this city, I cannot imagine how lost and lonley he is.  We are hoping to join up with another small group to meet some new people.  I wish there was something my Hubby could do too! 

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