Monday, March 7, 2011

Photo Challenge "Little beauty"

Topic: little beauty

This was my engagment ring- it is now paired with a matching band, but without a professional camera I am afriad the picture would not be similar.  :(  These are my favorite little beauties

Amazing flowers found at the Indianapolis Art Museum Green House. 
Photo Cred to the Hubby on this one!

This little guy would prefer to be 'little handsome'  
That huge dog sitting next to him is a tiny Yorkie!  at 3 months, he is a true little beauty!

And this is my little beauty.  This is Puppy from his first night home with us.
  He was just 7 weeks old.  Bonus, he came home on my 22nd birthday!  
He really is our child and was only about 2.5 lbs in this picture, and less than a foot long! 

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  1. Awww, I'm tellin ya, your baby is just way too cute!!!! Yorkies are my favorite dogs, and yours is really adorable.
    Thanks for participating!!! Have a lovely day. :)

  2. Lovely pictures! And your puppy? SO CUTE! But I'm sure you knew that. :)


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