Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bethenny Ever-After

Truth be told, I am addicted to Bethenny Frankel (Hoppy).  I jumped in on this love during a marathon weekend of Bethenny getting married? And then I had to go back and see the episodes I missed.  I love how insane she is, how off the wall she is, and how gritty and real she is. 

I think she is hilarious.  For those who are not so much fans, I believe you just do not understand her sense of humor.  I actually laugh out loud when I am by myself watching it.  I will only watch it when I am home alone because it is a but of a guilty pleasure.  Hubby is not a fan of these types of show.  But again, I am going with- he just doesn't understand.

I am looking forward to my next drama fix with the next Bethenny Ever-After on Bravo next Monday night.

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