Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i've got a bad case of puppy love

My pup has been so sweet recently.  We started taking him to obedience class and he is doing great.  He is so smart!!  (Best pup in the class!)  We also have given him some more freedom in our house.  He used to be confined to the living room (it is the biggest section of our townhouse).  And was only allowed to play if we were in the room with him.  We started to leave him alone more in the room, and opened up the kitchen/dining room to him. 

He is very happy to be able to look outside through the glass doors now.  With the new freedom he is running when he wants, then sleeping on the couch next to us while we watch tv (or I blog).  He has decided that he does not like his doggy bed, instead he thinks that the love seat is his.  (as seen above)

I am almost worried that he is suck because he has been so good lately, but he still has his puppy moments.  I am in love with my furbaby.  I am so glad we got him!


  1. Your puppy is SO cute!!
    And I enjoyed reading your love story :) You two are adorable together!!

  2. the last pic is just adorable! haha.


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