Sunday, March 20, 2011

beautiful children

I teach at Sunday school each weekend.  I work with Kindergarten and 1st grade.  Before we begin we have a child pray for us.  This was the prayer today that sent me to tears:

"Pray for the people in the hospital, that they get better and it wont be hard on family, and for the people with no food so they won't be hungry, and Africa because they don't have water and people are sick because there is no clea- water. Amen" - Annie, age 5.

I wondered how she knew this.  The hospital thing I understand.  We talk about praying for the sick, but how did she connect how the families were hurting.  The people with no food I understand because of the talk and work at the Healing Center.  Where in the world did she learn about, and then think of, the people in Africa dieing because there is no clean water.  I was shocked and burst into tears at the loving heart of the child who just wants to love people the way Jesus has. 

I was able to speak with the little kindergartner and her mom and our way out.  I asked her where she learned about the people in Africa.  She said that she 'just knew'.  I talk to her mom and told her about the prayer and shared some other information that is out there right now with World Water day right about the corner.  Her mom doesn't know where little Annie came up with this fact, but was eager to share more with her.  It was fun to make a new connection with a child.  I look forward to sharing it with my father-in-law when he returns from Africa on Tuesday (World World Water Day) from his time there providing clean water and hygienic education.  

For more info on Water Week as I call it check out these links:
Lifewater International
Lifewater- Water Crisis
The World Walks for Water                

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  1. Oh my goodness!! That is so sweet :)Kids know more then we think. And how wonderful that your FIL is there helping!!


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