Sunday, March 6, 2011

are people allowed to be married under 25?

I don't understand.  My single friends feel attacked because so many people treat them as lepers because they are not married nor dating someone.  I believe this is coming from the fact that they work in the church. 

However, this is the same church that does not support married couples under the age of 25!  My church (which I love, and support- but we are people, thus have faults) has started a new series.  The church is encouraging everyone to get in a small group to really make this go further.  I stopped by the sign up station today to find a group that could work for Hubby and I.  So what did I find..... nothing.  There were two groups for couples under the age of 35.  But most of those people are in their thirties and have kids.  Very different from a 22 year old newly wed.  The third group really caught me off guard as it read "25-35 couples".  I am officially not old enough to join a small group.  Nor is my Husband.  Why are so many things so clearly defined by age. 

Where do young adults go.  I am done with college and yet, the only people I can seem to be able to get together with are those in college.  I am married, the big issues that come up in my life, and different than those in their 3rd year of undergrad.  I wish I could find a welcoming place for the young and the married.


  1. We have been finding the same trouble. It seems we are in a grey, in-between age. Not single college kids but not a married couple with kids. People don't seem to know where to place us! There has to be some kind of in-between.

    Good luck with the search!


  2. This is sooooo true. There are not groups for the "inbetweens" as we like to call them. The fun, the still normal, married or almost married people. I feel like we are married since we have been together so long.

    I feel you can find all the single people. But you can't find the attached, and very happily attached couples or women to socialize with!!

    Any tips on where to find them!! Please send them this way :)


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