Friday, March 11, 2011

my mother just can't catch a brake!

November- Severe Car Accident
        totaling the 3 week old jeep, and hospitalization, along with missing thanksgiving with her family
December- Funerals, continuing physical therapy
    More funerals than I care to count, including several very close family members in which we are still grieving; intensive physical therapy and lots of pain, it was also her first Christmas without her only child and her dog (daughter married in may, dog died the prior January)
January- More funerals, more pain, work
   even more deaths encountered, the pain was not getting much better from the accident, and work was beyond full force after being a month behind from the accident
February/March- Surgary, stress, loniless
   Her father had back surgery which lasted much longer than expected (very scary), stress of work, loneliness of being so far form family, lack of communication with daughter (that's me), and the continuing idea that her little girl has moved away and is married, and not her little girl.

My mother cannot seem to catch a brake!  Wednesday was my paretns 20th anniversary, tomorrow is her 45th birthday.  To celebrate, to relax, to escape all of the pain- my parents decided to taker a trip to Hawaii. 

They were supose to leave today.  They are on their way to Dever to catch the flight to Hawaii, but for those of you who don't know, there is a Tsunami on it's way there.   Serisouly, that cannot catch a brake.  There is a good chance they will be straned in Denver, and even if they are allowed to go on to Hawaii there is serious flooding.  Ugh!  Why can nothing go right for this woman!  She deserves the most wonderful vacation ever- and yet she gets a tsunami instead! 

Sorry Momma, I love you.

picture from my high school graduation open house

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