Monday, March 14, 2011

reflections with 5th graders

My weekend consisted of (among other things) 7 hours of teaching Sunday school at two different churches.  I taught 2nd grade, then 3 year olds.  The next day I taught Kindergarten, then 5th grade.

But it was the last hour with the 5th graders that really got to me.  Our key point was Jesus wants you to follow him.  Our church provides a wonderful lesson plan which includes a script, scripture, activity, prayer, etc.  I use most of it most of the time.  (after all, it was prepared for it to be used, and is high quality material!)  However, with the 5th graders, I threw it out the window.

We were to talk about how Jesus INVITES us to FOLLOW Him.  There was an invitation from Jesus on a card, and the kids were suppose to RSVP on the back.  However, I think this is a really big deal.  So, I made it into one...

I saw that the kids were in a routine rut, so i threw out the paper and shared a big of my testimony with them.  Me without God, and me with God.  They really took their time in deciding if they wanted to follow Jesus- they thought about what they would say back.  The pastors will be reading these card this week and praying for the kids.  Some of my kids were really into and asked that they not be read. 

It was so awesome to see so many 5th graders thinking about responding to Jesus.  It was emotional for all.  I pray this helps draw one closer to the Lord.

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