Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Newport Aquarium and Hofbrauhaus

Last week hubby and I decided we needed to get out of the house.  No, we don't have kids so we should be able to go out whenever rihgt?!  wrong- do you remember being newly married and trying to create a savings account with one income, it's not so easy.  We bit the bullet and went downtown for a day out.

The Newport Aquarium is located in Newport, KY (aka, Downtown Cincinnati, OH).  It is on the river front in a fanstastic area.  It is also located next to our favorite resturant in all of North America, Hofbrauhaus.

First we hit up the aquarium... 

Crazy Camo Guy                                                          Hubby with a MASSIVE gator


Feeding the fish                                                                Shark Feeding time!

Shark Feeding

Shark Feeding!

This shark dove on the fish!                                          Hubby petting a shark!

Otter training 

Then we walk around the little shopping area there.

Then we headed to Hofbrauhaus for lunch/dinner (or as we call it- Linner).  We tried to be budget friendly, so we got one meal (they are very filling), a bowl of chili, and one liter of beer.  (Beer is only served by the liter and half liter there).  So with splitting the meal with two people we ended up with a fabulous linner for under 30 bucks!  Looking forward to spluring ther for Hubby's birthday (on his parent's dime) this weekend!

Images of HB are from their website.  This is a traditional German Restaurant and is a duplicate of the one in Germany.  We hope to pilgrimage there some day. 

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