Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gifts for the In-Laws

Yesterday was my mother-in-law's birthday.  Before going further there is something I need to admit.  We aren't close.  I'll keep it simple by stating that I have issues with the idea of parental figures, and that she and I are very, very different people.

So how do you pick out a birthday gift for someone who have almost nothing in common with.  Oh, and share that gift with tho men in their twenties (aka, Hubby and his Bro).  I thought about getting her some fashion forward clothes, like a hot pencil skirt with a fab blouse (because she recently lost a lot of weight).  I although thought of a trendy necklace, but was shot down by her sons stating that she has a different style (this I know, it was the inspiration for the gift- she has had boys buying her things like baseball shaped earrings for years!) 

So I picked up some dark chocolate (her favorite) to have something for her when she stops by tonight.  The real gift I am leaving for the sons to pick out.    I do not know what to get for the woman who has most everything, and is not into fashion.  Good news, my own mother's birthday is coming up- that will be an easy one!!

Celebrations this month:
  Mother-in-law birthday
  Mother birthday
  Husband birthday
  Mom & Dad's 20th Anniversary
  St. Patty's Day
  Half Sister Birthday (younger)
  Half Sister Birthday  (youngest)

Oh the joys.... and gifts!!!!!

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  1. My mother in law to be's birthday is Wednesday and I haven't even thought of a gift for her! Maybe I will stick with your idea and do sweets!


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