Sunday, March 6, 2011

Life Water International

People are well aware of the need for water in devleoping counties.  Many churches and organizations support the digging of water wells all over the world to provide water to those who have none.

But water is just as dangerous as no water when it is dirty.  It is just as important to provide information and education about sanitation and hygiene as it is to provide the water itself.  Life Water International is an organization that does this.  I know their program and their training (and hope to join them soon in Ethiopia).  They empower community leaders to provide the resources their community needs to be healthy.

 We take water for granted.  We take our access to things like soap for granted.  Let's work together to help those in need.  The Widows, and the Children.  Give them a chance to have a future.  Check them out on facebook -Lifewater International to get updates on current projects (including my father-in-law in Ethiopia!)  Visit to see if you can help.

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