Sunday, February 13, 2011

"What are some of your hobbies?"

How often are we asked (in so many word) what do you like to do?  In high school I always had a set answer for this question of hobbies- I danced, I sang, I acted, I scrapbooked.  In college I studied (much to the amazment of everyone who had known me prior).  I really did not have a lot of time for other things, but I did continue to sing.  I also took up the hobby of creating a book for my then boyfirend, now husband about the story of our lives together.  I gave him this as a gift on our wedding day. Between the univeristy choral, the crafty book, and my studies- I had no other time.

Now, I am graduated- without a full time job, in a city where I know few people, with a budget to stay indoors.  This week I am off work.  I have 10 days to be in the house while my husband is out working.  After the 3 days off last week that I spent indoors with my puppy, I decided I needed a hobby- and he needed doggy daycare!! 

I actually had to look up hobbies because I had no ideas.  I do not have an exciting enough life to take pictures of, and have very few pictures.  So, scrap-booking is out.  I looked into candle making- but it seems very expensive.  I looked into jewelry because what girl doesn't love a hand crafted pair of earrings.  I looked into quilting even though I do not have a sewing machine.  I really am not sure what to claim as my next hobby.  I am thinking that I will go to a craft store and see what I can find.  In the mean time I will continue my hobby of reading blogs.  Happy writing everyone!

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