Saturday, February 19, 2011

If you won the lottery

I ended up watching a show about people who had won the lottery.  After I got over my jealousy I thought about what my husband and I would do if we won the lottery.  This is my list:

1) take 5% and give it to Project Mercy
2) take 5% and give it to Life Water International

Super important to be sure that the first things we would do would be to give 10% away.  I'm sure we would give back to our university, church, and other organizations, but these would be done before anything else.

3) buy a new car for the hubby- boy is he in need of a new car!  I am thankful it made it through the winter, but am still worried about getting through the next spring and fall!!  I on the other hand am in love with my car- i just need to shampoo the carpets thanks to a recent coffee spill :(
4) Buy a modest house.  We don't need much, just a place to live with a fenced in yard for Puppy!
5) Give 5% to each of our parents.
6) give 3% to his brother
7)go to Brooks Brothers and get Hubby a suit, sports jacket, and sweater- he would need no other clothes for the rest of his life (according to him).  I would love to spoil him this way!
8) sign up puppy for the best daycare  for everyday that we are working. He would be so happy, and fit!
9) take a 1 month trip to Europe!!! 
10) the rest goes into the bank for safe keeping!!  Hope for it to grow!!

So what would you do if you won the lottery?


  1. OMG!! I watched that program too. Sad what the lottery will do to people. I guess if you didn't have it before, its over whelming.

    When I first read what you wanted to give to your husband, I thought it read a "new ear". You can really imagine what was going through my mind. Then I looked closely and saw you meant a "new car". *LOL*. My eyes are so bad. And thats what I would do with extra money. Get new eyes!!!

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  2. Honestly, I think if I won $1000 right now I'd be beyond thrilled--I can't even fathom winning millions. I'm so on board with the charity & trip to Europe, though. And a modest house with an un-modest garden. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Hey! I just found your blog. It's so interesting thinking about what you would do with the money. I love that you would give so much away to charities and family :)


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