Sunday, February 20, 2011

Solo: an Uncommon Devotional

Yesterday I was out getting hot glue sticks.  Walking away from the store I passed a Christian book store.  I never noticed it there before.  I decided that it wouldn't hurt to go in.  But now, I must confess  a little background knowledge.

I started going to church in high school.  I went to a christian school and believe that Jesus is my savior.  However, I no longer feel like I know him.  It has been months since I picked up a bible, and longer since I have studied one.  I am in a small group, teach sunday school, and attend church, but I can't seem to find the fire.   Nor, do I want to try to find it or work for it.  I don;t know why, but I have been pushing away from God.  I decided earlier in the year that I should get a devotional book since I have time to read and what not.  But I never got serious about finding one.

Flash forward to yesterday.  I walk into the book store, feeling like a foreigner.  I stumble around to the back to the store.  After all I was just browsing.  There right in front of me were the devotional books,  There was a smaller section of them than what I have seen at other stores so I thought I would look.  I ended up sitting down in the isle and going over 15 books that peeked my interest.  I was feeling very stressed by the idea of choosing one book.  A book is very expensive (by my standards).  I finally found a book that used scripture, had a prayer, and related things to life.  I am actually kind of excited about beginning this devotional book.  But I am still scared.  I have never had daily time with God, or even time on a regular basis.   Here's to the Uncommon Devotional.  (Link to Amazon for more info- although I was sad to see that it is 5 dollars cheaper online)

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  1. I am glad that you found this devotional, I hope that I come across one that inspires me soon! I will check this out!


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