Thursday, February 17, 2011

most wonderful day of the year

Yesterday I spent the entire day away from the computer.  My husband took the day off, and we had a wonderful day together.

It began with me working for a church community in their child care center.  I had a lot of fun with a large group of toddlers.  Then I rushed home and made brunch for two.  Two eggs platted up over tow pieces of toast with a mixture of cheese, spice, and salsa.  It was pretty nifty!

While all of this was going on our puppy was at the groomer (a long over due trip).  So we took this time to be quiet and watch "The King's Speech".  I thought it was a fantastic film.  I would recommend it especially before the awards.

Then we went to the groomer to pick up the pup.  He was the cutest he has every been!  Also it was in the upper 50's!!!!  so we went to the park.  After a 2 hour walk in the sun all three of us were full of joy and love.  It is amazing what a little exercise and sunlight can do for you!

The night ended with me making the most amazing meal yet. It was a basal and pesto filled Mezzula (Italian pasta) with a homemade pesto sauce, over roasted tomatoes covered in salt, pepper, EVOO, and basal.  And a delicious side of asparagus covered with balsamic vinegar.  I know- it was as amazing as it sounds!  I would love to share my easy tips if you would like to make it yourself!  Of course our nightly red wine added to the meal.

Instead of watching another movie (like we usually do), or watching TV, we played monopoly!  Such a fun night, such a fun day.  So full of love.

Today the weatherman is calling for temperatures in the upper 60s- it is sure to be another day outside!

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  1. Yay for time spent with your husband! I love a good day of rest and investment in my marriage!!


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