Monday, February 28, 2011

buying a car- in a day

Thursday night- car accident
Friday night- a quick test drive and overview of car shopping (like an introductory course)
Saturday- 6 deals, and one contract ready to be signed.....

   ..........But I couldn't do it.  Who could?!  This all has happened so fast!  Yes, I like the car (which btw, is not for me, but for my husband), and yes we got it down to 4000 below blue book.  No, there was nothing missing from the car.  It just seems too nice.  I feel like we do not deserve a car with bluetooth when we are just starting life!  We have been a little spoiled all of our lives, but this would take the cake.

We can afford the monthly car payments.  But do we need to be spending that much at all? We could save 2,000 more by giving up some of the niceties, but will we still be happy with the car in 10 years?  In the long run is 2,000 all that much of a difference for the difference we are making.  (Camry vs Malibu)

I did not sleep at all last night, and almost threw up twice thinking about making the big decision today.  I convinced my husband that we could not pull the trigger and he called the dealer to say that he did not need to hold the car for us.  Now I am wondering if we made a mistake. 

Oh, car shopping is driving me crazy!!!

Any opinions on Camry (09 XLE) vs Malibu?????!!!?!?

1 comment:

  1. Toyotas have better resale value and hold up better...even with high mileage! I'm in the Toyota (and Honda!) camp :)


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