Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Yesterday I took my father-in-law to the airport.  He left for Ethiopia and will be returning in one month.  His reason for going- Compelled by God’s call and the global water and sanitation crisis,
to equip partner local organizations/ communities and work with
them to empower communities to gain safe water, adequate sanitation, effective hygiene, and the knowledge of Jesus’ love.
  If this sounds a little familiar than you have already checked out the link to Life Water International.  

He is on staff with Life Water and is on his 4th trip to Ethiopia.  It is actually the 3rd trip with this specific project and people.  This means he has been able to become very connected to these community leaders.  The work he is doing is saving lives, changing communities, and empowering leaders. 

The work that has been going on for over a year now- is changing hearts.  Most of the people he works with are Muslim.  The Organization does not force Christianity, and frankly is not extremely open about it.  This means that all peoples feel welcome and fine to work with Life Water.  Women are seeing how they can be leaders, and others are giving them more respect.  However, the coolest thing (ok, one of) is that hearts are changing and they are wanting to learn more about Christ. 

I am very excited for his trip, even if I am a little jealous.  I am hoping to go with him in the years to come to work with the schools and orphanages about hygienic education.   Pray for his team and his work.  I hope to provide updates as they come in. 

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