Tuesday, October 25, 2011

how to pick a pumpkin

last weekend was my fall break- a much needed break I might add!

We had planned on having friends come down and stay with us for a few days- but all peeps bailed (I think they realized just how lame we really are).

It was nice to have some time just me and the hubby though.  We spent Saturday at my favorite family farm.  Tuttle's Orchard has been family owned and operated for generations.  I feel blessed to have gone to church with this family in High School.  This is the best apple orchard in the world!  Fall brings out apple cider and pumpkin patches as well.

Hubby and I made the long trek down to pick out our pumpkins and get some cider.  (yes, I did in fact make my husband drive 40 minutes each way for expensive cider.)

The pumpkin patch was huge- the two of us ended up leaving with 3 pumpkins.  According to my hubby this is how you pick a pumpkin.

what a cutie!

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